The HRPNRC is a 501c3 entity established in 2017 by the Historic Randall Park Neighborhood Association, which is the sole member of the corporation.


The fact that 85% of the homes in HRPN are rentals and only 15% are owner-occupied has caused concern for the Neighborhood and for the City at large (Neighborhood Updated Plan, 2014). The university has shared master plans to build and manage more student housing units over the next 15 yrs. A nonprofit, neighborhood organization, in cooperation with developers and the City, would be uniquely qualified to facilitate preservation and revitalization of the housing stock in HRPN in an affordable manner.

What and Where?

The task is to assist in the identification, purchase, renovation, and resale of rental homes for owner-occupation, as well as directing projects that improve the living environment in the Historic Randall Park Neighborhood.

Our Values

They are as follows: preservation, inclusivity, sustainability, diversity, equity.

The Neighborhood:

The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood is the heart of one of the three towns which combined in 1871 to form the city of Eau Claire. The oldest homes in the area date back to the post-Civil War period. Many homes are designated historical landmarks and are of architectural as well as historical interest. The neighborhood encompasses two historic commercial districts: the Water Street Commercial District and the West Grand Avenue Commercial District, and enjoys a positive relationship with its neighbor to the north, The Mayo Clinic Health System Hospital, and to the south, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood Association was formed in 1978, to enhance and preserve the quality of life for all in the neighborhood. It meets regularly to discuss and address neighborhood and community issues.

Website: https://www.randallparkneighborhood.com/